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There is no dishonor in admitting that we are human, experiencing real human trauma and occasionally needing help to change and overcome the challenges in our lives. Unfortunately, addiction is often overshadowed by the typecast addict we typically see in movies and television. A poor, mentally deranged, unattractive, homeless person who is simply unrelatable to the “average” person.
Rarely do we think about the 30-something divorced businesswoman who finds comfort from her despair in that nightly bottle of wine. Or the software developer who lives and breathes deadlines, believing his competitive edge is heightened from the “lines” he sniffs through a straw on his desk. And let’s not forget about your next-door neighbor, the cop, who was badly injured in a car crash a few months ago and began taking doctor recommended pain killers and just can’t stop.
Do you relate more to these stories than the typecast addict? Here at Wavelengths Recovery we’ve treated clients who represent a diverse spectrum of the community including the professionals previously described, as well as young adults, nonprofessionals and even victims of abuse. The one thing they all have in common? Hope for a better future and an end to silently suffering in shame and seclusion. At Wavelengths Recovery, it is our goal to help every one of them reclaim their lives and achieve their dreams.
Wavelengths Recovery’s Chief Executive Officer Warren Boyd built a reputation as an interventionist and addiction specialist. Over the past 28 years, Boyd has helped thousands of people achieve sobriety. A recovering addict himself, Boyd’s choice to get clean gave him a unique insight into the minds of addicts. His personal knowledge of their problems, dynamic means of intervention and 24-hour service, led his humble counseling practice to evolve into a network of privately licensed, rehabilitation facilities.
Warren Boyd’s remarkable life has been covered by Oprah, FOX News, NY Daily News, and an A&E documentary. His personal story struck a chord in Hollywood and subsequently became the inspiration and foundation for A&E’s gritty drama “The Cleaner”, starring Benjamin Bratt, who captured Boyd’s passion for helping others. In real life, Boyd’s unbridled passion resonates with everyone he comes in contact with and serves as the basis for his lifework here at Wavelengths Recovery.
At Wavelengths Recovery, our mission is to help our clients overcome addiction and its path of destruction, operating from an each-one-teach-one model. We aim to provide a healthy, safe, supportive, and structured environment, where participants can embrace sobriety and recreate their lives, transitioning into and maintaining sobriety. Our goal is to help participants halt the process of addiction, improve life skills, reclaim a sense of self-worth and achieve long-term success and happiness in recovery.
Wavelengths Recovery is a State licensed treatment provider with advanced licensing in Incidental Medical Services. This allows us to provide medically assisted recovery treatment services that are not available from all treatment providers. Additionally, Wavelengths Recovery earned its accreditation for Behavioral Health from the Joint Commission. This premier healthcare quality improvement and accrediting body is the nationally recognized leader in the industry and is widely recognized and respected as a symbol of quality and safety. Fewer than 10% of Behavioral Health Organizations are accredited by The Joint Commission. This coupled with on-site doctors who specialize in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine ensures that our clients receive the very best care available.
Unfortunately, not every treatment provider in the recovery industry provides this same high level of service. If you follow the news here in Huntington Beach and throughout Orange County, then you know the drug and alcohol recovery industry has received a significant amount of negative publicity. As a result, representatives in Congress and the California Assembly are continually proposing new laws and regulations. Additionally, local city and county officials are seeking creative ways to reign in an industry that is loosely regulated and often misunderstood. All of this points to the need for lawmakers, elected officials and treatment providers to work collectively to take on these issues.
Over the coming months, Warren Boyd and his team at Wavelengths Recovery will be working to bring industry leaders together to address contemporary and regulatory issues. The balancing act between respecting our neighbors and community and providing much needed resources and services is not an easy task and will require collaboration and understanding on all sides. To put it simply, there cannot be a long-term solution to the issues surrounding treatment and recovery in our communities without developing a partnership with those in the industry who want to make it better.
At Wavelengths Recovery, we coach our clients to develop systems of self-accountability which ultimately teaches them to take control of their lives. As leaders in the recovery industry, we must also adopt that philosophy and demonstrate those same core values as we move forward. Client care should be the waypoint for every treatment provider and we will strive to be the standard bearer for all to emulate. We encourage our community and elected leaders to consider joining us in that effort. Together we can make a difference.

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